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5. Khmer classical dance, Cambodia. The traditional local dance of Cambodia has many similarities with that of its neighbour, Thailand, and some of the most intricate cultural dances around the world hail from this region. Colourful dance costumes, elaborate headdresses, and complex hand and foot movements make this intricate dance style a joy. The artisans crafting traditional musical instruments in Mohalla Shah Burhan adjacent to Chitrali Bazaar have shown concern over lack of official patronage as their art had been fast fading away over the last few decades posing a threat to folk music. Experts feared if the art of crafting musical instruments was not preserved and promoted, it. Folk songs sometimes tell stories about real events. An example is the story of a young man whose last name was spelled D-U-L-A but pronounced "Dooley." Tom Dula was a Civil War veteran in North.
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